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Durrington, Wiltshire 23th - 25th October 2015

Durrington 2015

We could hardly believe it had been 5 years since our last visit to Durrington, Wiltshire. Now celebrating their 10th Anniversary, Durrington Walls Wind Band (DWWB) invited us to join them and their twinned German Band for a Black Tie Celebration Dinner and to perform a Concert in the Larkhill Garrison Church.

Music had been organised and rehearsals were taking place separately for each individual band as it was impossible to get everybody together before the big day. The hard task for the conductors was to ensure all 85 musicians were going to follow the baton and play together, no easy task. Squeezing everyone into the church, then during our only full rehearsal all instructions had to be translated which all took extra time. The Concert performance was soon underway with changes of conductors and pieces all going smoothly.  

We were pleased to see how much DWWB had improved and developed over the past 5 years. There is real drive to push the band further which is fantastic for a small community band. We know how hard it is to keep things going and it really needs lots of support to make it work year after year.

A fantastic Celebration Dinner was organised for all 3 bands which was held on the Friday evening at The Stones Hotel. As people started arriving in their evening wear it was a good opportunity get together and test out the few phrases of German we could remember from school. We were served an amazing three course meal which was delicious. It was well organised and the food and service was excellent. Speeches were made and gifts exchanged. Then to the entertainment for the evening................TTB's Synchronised Swimming Sketch!  Steven, Mark and Andy once again donned their swimsuits for this very funny sketch, which didn't need any translation!

Our thanks to Peter who organised music for everyone and choreographed the three bands, and huge thanks to Claire for organising the Dinner. We know what it takes to put together a concert, but add a dinner for 130 people, this creates tremendous work behind the scenes.

On Sunday Claire kindly invited TTB to hers for lunch! This was a really lovely way to finish the weekend. We all thoroughly enjoyed our time spent in Wiltshire and hope to see them all again soon.

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