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1988 Canada – Fort Scott

Three weeks of Concerts and Touring lay ahead for the Band members who travelled to Alberta, Canada. This was a huge trip which was a fantastic opportunity for so many of the band members. The first week was filled with performing concerts every day even appearing on TV, then a tour of the Rockies and Jasper & Banff National Parks, Athabasca Glacier, Whistler mountain and Eddie the Eagle’s famous ski jump was organised. Towards the end of the trip there was a visit to the West Edmonton Mall which at the time was the largest shopping mall in the world. It included a waterpark, ice skating ring and a theme park. Canadians certainly do things on a massive scale.

The trip was all made possible through the Legion of Frontiersmen in Canada who transported and hosted us at Lake Hasting just outside Edmonton.

Bizarre moments: Meeting someone from Bromyard & Keith explaining to customs officials why he was carrying a cap gun in his suitcase. It was of course to be used in "The Huntsman" piece of music.