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During the summer the band members had the opportunity to take part in a music summer school in Dorset. 10 members from TTB enrolled for the week. There was the choice to play in the Training Band, Brass Band or Wind Band.


People travelled from all over the country with a wide range of experience. This was the first year anyone from TTB had been but this didn’t phase any of them.


It was very well organized and gave everyone a fantastic learning experience. Although it was hard work, as each day was filled playing as a band and also learning from tutors in smaller groups for individual instruments and sections.


Evenings were filled with quiz nites, wine tasting and a Themed Decorative Lantern competition displayed on tents and caravans. TTB won! On Friday evening there was a talent night which TTB chose to do the Popadom Sketch and then mimic some of the characteristics of the course conductors! A risky move but it paid off as TTB were awarded first place and presented with a Trophy.


The week finished with each band performing a Concert at a local Theatre. Special mentions were given to certain players who had performed well during the week. Francesca Parker was congratulated for playing 1st Clarinet in the Wind Band at just 12 years of age. Various Presentations were awarded and Max Beswick (French Horn) received The Andrew Pitts Plate for the most improved player out of all 160 musicians at the summer school.


I think it is safe to say that Tenbury Town Band certainly made their presence known during their stay.

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