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Music Workshop at Tenbury High School

TTB Music Workshop


The band have been enjoying a weekend of music and fun with the help of Matt Stimpson, former Classic FM music teacher of the year, and Chairman of the Wessex Summer School which many of the Band attend each year.

Thanks to an anonymous donation at Christmas, the Band were able to fund this two day workshop weekend. Matt had spent a day with us last year which was really fantastic, so we thought it would be even better to do a whole weekend for all our members to experience.

It was held at Tenbury High School which provided a great venue for all our needs, including lunch and refreshments.

The music we were working on was in preparation for the Annual Concert on May 10th. It really meant we could do so much more on each piece of music and then on the Sunday afternoon we held an impromptu concert showcasing all that we’d worked on over the two days.

Everyone in the Band thoroughly enjoyed the weekend, and we hope to be able to organise another one for next year.

Matt has kindly agreed to come down to our Concert on May 10th to be one of the conductors, as unfortunately David Marshall is unable to attend this year. This will give him opportunity to see how much we have remembered!!


Music Workshop

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