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Charity Christmas Concert


Our Christmas Concert was a successful evening for a great local charity. We are pleased to be donating £950 to Riding for the Disabled and wish them well for 2015. It really is a great atmosphere when all the seats are sold and there is a real buzz on and off the stage. We really do appreciate the support we receive. Our Apprentices performed very well playing Minnie the Moocher which was a real test, and they passed with flying colours!!. Of course a Christmas Concert wouldn’t be the same without Troika and White Christmas but this year we had a “Swing” theme to the second half with a little help from Derek  who is Tenbury’s answer to Michael Buble. And the audience loved him!! We hope you enjoyed our version of “The Fairytale of New York”, once again the Irish Dancing was a hit!


Christmas Concert Rehersal

 It takes so much work to achieve the end result of the concert performance. As you can see in the photo above we have a rehearsal in the afternoon. This year at the end of the rehearsal we also recorded “Sing Sing Sing” for Francesca’s GCSE music. This was to capture the fantastic solo she plays so well. It was incredible to do all this and then be ready to do the concert for real 2 hours later!

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