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Annual Concert - 13 May 2017


Once again all the hard work and intense rehearsal was worth it! Melanie always chooses more difficult music for  The Annual Concert, and this year was no different. The concert opened with March Militaire Francais, a very upbeat technical piece, which was perfect to set the scene for the whole concert.

It had been 10 years since Keith Colwell, our previous conductor, passed away, so we included some of his favourite pieces in the programme. We even had a recording of Keith to introduce Beyond the Sea, which had been recorded at Tenbury Church Fete many years ago.

We were very fortunate this year to welcome many friends of the band . Derek White is amazing singing Beyond the Sea, Bring Him Home, Stevie Wonders' Sir Duke, Field of Gold and Blue Moon. Also joining us for their unofficial reunion were Keith's army buddies from The Woofers. Our good friend David Marshall (former Director of music of the Coldstream Guards) was also on hand as Guest Conductor. Everyone said how impressed they were with the ongoing improvement of the band and always pleased to see the youngsters doing so well.

An 18th Birthday celebration was arranged for Francesca, which she celebrated by playing The Artie Shaw Clarinet Concerto, a truly inspirational performance. We are so very lucky to have such talented players in our band. Every section is strong and compliments the whole band. The comedy sketch always hits the right note with the audience, they never really know what to expect!

Many of the audience commented how wonderful it was to see everyone enjoying themselves so much. We look forward to seeing them at the Christmas Concert!

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