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Kate Yarnold

Flute and Piccolo

Kate Yarnold - Tenbury Town Band

When did you start the band?

I started playing the flute when I was at primary school in about 2004. I then joined the band in 2005 and have since started playing the Piccolo in 2011.

What is your funniest/ daftest/greatest moment in the band? 

The best moment for me was the May concert in 2011. I had had my appendix out 2 weeks before and so had missed a few practises, so I was extremely surprised to receive the most improved player award.

Band tours:

My first band tour was in 2007 where we played at DisneyLand Paris. It was a great experience even though I was only 12. I have also been to Durrington to play in the concert to raise money for Help for Heroes. This was a fantastic few days and for a very good cause. 

Favourite piece of music.

My favourite piece of music, although a tricky one to play, is Cry of the Celts. We played this piece for the first time in the May concert 2012 and I continue to love it every time we play it.




Sue Salmon


When did you start the band? Sept 2012

Greatest Moment: Getting the notes right!




Nicola Christopher






Georgina Turvey (Apprentice)






Lily Hird (Apprentice)