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Lisa Bateman


Lisa Bateman

When did you start the band?  2007

What is your funniest/ daftest/greatest moment in the band? 

Being introduced to the Champagne tent at Shrewsbury Flower Festival is a long and interesting tale – but a very happy memory

Band tours France 2010

Favourite piece of music. Too many to list!


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Claire Button


When did you start the band and what do you play?  1984, however, I joined the Army in 1995 and only play in the band when invited to do so (generally, the reunion concerts), which is a real privilege.  It probably helps that my sister, Mel, is the conductor.  I started off on flute and switched to oboe in 2009 (I wish someone had briefed me about reeds).  I play in the Durrington Walls Band and arranged for Tenbury to visit for a joint charity concert in Oct 10.

What are your funniest/ moments in the band? 

(Same as Mels).  Hanging Keith’s clothes up a flag pole in Cyprus, playing reveille and a group of us saluting Keith when he came out of his room.

What are your daftest moments in the band? 

Being made (with the twins) to do the poppadom sketch in the Indian Restaurant during the band’s visit to Durrington Band and again at the Bands’ 30th Anniversary Dinner.

What is your most embarrassing moment in the band? 

Trying to play La Calinda on the oboe with a new reed, although there was much huffing and puffing, nothing happened.  At that point, I questioned why I switched to oboe.   Paul Murrell was conducting and was (quite rightly) scowling at me as the band was sounding a bit thin on the melody (the oboe part).  It reminded me of a similar occasion in Cyprus when I was invited to play Tocatta with the WFR Band (with Paul Murell conducting, there’s a theme developing here)- this time on flute (no reed excuses), but once again ‘silence’ from the flute player, I’m not afraid to admit, it was down to the level of difficulty.

Band tours Germany 1986Canada 1988,Cyprus 1992 and Edinburgh 2012.

Favourite piece of music. Gabrielle’s Oboe (of course), Pirates, Cry of the Celts, One Moment in Time, Pavane.


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Val Juneman

Bassoon (by the name of Lucy)

When did you start the band? 

Around 2009 (but was a ‘irregular’ guest for a little while before this)

What is your funniest/ daftest/greatest moment in the band?

Funniest moment was my inaugural Christmas Concert as a ‘wobbly’ Bassoonist of only a few months. To help ‘steady’ my nerves a band buddy ‘encouraged’ me to drink a little more than usual. On return to change for the concert we decided I should hide in the ladies to avoid ‘detection’ by our esteemed conductor. However, my peels of giggles led to detection and a ‘gentle’ talking too. It was a very merry Christmas concert nevertheless!

Band tours

Pont du Casse (as a guest Bass Clarinet)

Favourite Piece of music

Pirates of the Carribean