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Melanie Parker



Melanie Parker - Conductor - Tenbury Town Band

When did you start the band?

I am one of the founder members of the band, so 1983. 

Funniest moment:  

Seeing Keith’s face when we had persuaded him to play one of the solo parts in Trumpet’s Wilde, telling him that one of the Woofers would conduct. I then asked for a volunteer from the audience. David Marshall walked out of the audience in a coat, flat cap and thick rimmed glasses offering to help unbeknown to Keith.

Daftest Moment: 

Hanging Keith’s clothes up a flag pole in Cyprus, playing reveille and a group of us saluting Keith when he came out of his room. 

Greatest Moment:

Organising Keith’s concert. This was a privilege and honour for a very special person.

Band tours

All but Germany 1986 (I was in my first term at University) 

Favourite piece of music. 

Can’t choose one in 30 years there have been so many: Pavane in Blue, Fanfare for a Common Man, Birdland, Dave Brubeck, Chaconne from The First Suite in Eb, Sing Sing Sing, Leroy Anderson Portrait.


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Edward Holmes



Edward Holmes

When did you start the band?  

March 2007

Funniest moment:

 Taking over from Mel half way through “Leroy Anderson” in Pont du Casse.

Daftest Moment: Having to explain in my very best French why I was doing that!!

Greatest Moment: My first concert with the band in Leominster Priory, discovering I was conducting the whole thing.

Band tours: Pont du Casse & Durrington 2009

Favourite pieces of music: Mars; Dave Brubeck; Pirates @ Worlds End